CSD Energy has in-depth knowledge and experience in wholesale and retail markets as well as energy technology. We offer comprehensive solutions for your company's every energy need, from single meter to multi-state, national corporations.


Energy Goal Objectives

Deep-dive into understanding client goals to develop a multi-year strategy and implement an active or passive product solution.


Market Analysis

Provide data driven market fundamentals and technical information to clarify and support decision making processes.



Review of existing product and performance against actual consumption and product
simulation structures.



Communicate of usage information and performance of structure to ensure continued strategy alignment.


Procurement Management

Network of top-tier retail electricity and natural gas providers to negotiate the most favorable terms for your business.


Load Forecasting and Modeling

Provide proxy data and analysis on new construction and provide operating budget projections.


Complex Retail

Create interactive products that are innovative and designed for purpose, based on client risk and reward profiles.


Long Term Contracts

Leverage existing wholesale and retail counter-parties to ensure long term energy needs are met and tailored to our clients.


Renewable Feasibility

Review and integrate physical and financial renewables including; wind, solar, battery and geothermal projects.


Asset Integration

Modeling and implementation to monetize existing assets in power markets through sanctioned and voluntary programs.


Distributed Generation

Base load, renewable, emergency, and market interaction and incentives to offset.


Asset Integration

Battery and thermal review to optimize peak avoidance and demand charge savings.


Renewable Feasibility

Comprehensive review of onsite and offsite solar, wind, and geothermal projects.


Demand Response

Analyze consumption profiles and strategize with clients to maximize revenue potential through market based or economic demand response, 4CP and 5CP programs.


Utility Development

Work with utility companies providing tariff analysis, permitting, and throughout the construction of substations, poles and wires to maintain proper voltage levels for optimal development.